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Actuated Butterfly Valves

A Cost-Effective Solution to Large Valve Requirements

Wide Range of Sizes - Same Day Shipping

  • TYPES:  Wafer or Lug Patterns

  • ANSI-150, ANSI-300 and European Flange Dimensions

  • SIZES:  1-1/2" through 18"

  • BODY MATERIALS:  Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel

  • LINER SEAL MATERIALS: BUNA or EPDM are Standard.  Viton, Silicone and PTFE are common options

  • DISC MATERIALS:  Stainless Steel, Epoxy Coated Iron, Aluminum Bronze Alloy and Nickel Plated Iron

  • WITH ACTUATORS:  All butterfly valves are available assembled with Electric Actuators or Pneumatic Actuators

    LEARN MORE about Electric Actuation
    LEARN MORE about Pneumatic Actuation

  • FOR MANUAL OPERATION: Choice of Locking Hand Lever or Hand Wheel with Gearbox

  • 3-WAY BUTTERFLY VALVES: Contact CR-TEC for details on custom 3-Way Butterfly Valve arrangements

  • TRI-CLAMP SANITARY BUTTERFLY VALVES: Contact CR-Tec for availability

Review our online catalogs of standard butterfly valves and our High Performance models.

    Learn MORE about 3-Way Butterfly Arrangements
    CRV37 Butterfly Catalog
    CRV67 Butterfly Catalog
    PVC Butterfly Valve Info

    High Performance Catalog


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