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CR-TEC Engineering is a professional supplier for a broad range of quality industrial grade valve products for fluid handling. Our specialty is automated valves using pneumatic or electric actuators.

We work with customers to analyze application requirements, and then select, design and produce assemblies and systems that meet the job performance and quality specifications. Our experienced engineering staff can help your company with your project and system needs. You will always be able to talk to a graduate engineer well versed in valves, material selection, and fluids to discuss the technical aspects of your project. CR-TEC will select the best alternatives for valves and actuators.

We offer full engineering support and design assistance for all our products. CR-TEC service begins at the initial application phase and continues through production, installation and ongoing technical support. Electric actuators are available with ATEX and NEMA 4/4X, NEC, NEMA 7, CSA, UL, IP and CE certifications.

CR-TEC Engineering is a valued supplier serving these primary markets:

CRTEC  Oil & Gas Industry

CRTEC  Wastewater Treatment Plants

CRTEC  Potable Water Treatment

CRTEC  Power Generation

CRTEC  Process Automation

CRTEC  Shipbuilding & Marine

CRTEC  Snow Making

CRTEC  Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry


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