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Explosion Proof Valves & Actuators

What does Explosion-Proof Actuator Mean?

The general and most widely accepted explanation of a component being explosion proof is in regard to the enclosure of a product being able to withstand and contain an internal explosion such that it does not escape into the external environment.  One point of clarification is that Explosion-Proof products are not meant to withstand an external explosion that happens outside of the enclosure, alternatively it is the ability of the enclosure to prevent any internal explosion or sparks from escaping and being the cause of a larger explosion.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) define several different types of protection methods that include explosion proof and dust ignition proof.  The term “explosion proof” is also interchangeable with “flameproof”.

Certification standards for explosion proof actuators

The certification of an explosion proof actuator requires the approval of various agencies with ATEX, NEC, and IECEX being the most prominent. Each of the certifying organizations has different levels, classifications, and designations in order to specifically identify the exact conditions and circumstances that an explosion proof valve and actuator are capable of withstanding.

Safety concerns addressed by explosion proof valves and actuators

One of the basic tenets of any employer is providing a safe and secure environment for their workers. Businesses are built on the concept that all workers will be protected from hazardous conditions, harm, and unhealthy environments. Performance and productivity hinge on the ability of employees to feel completely safe.

The use of explosion proof valves and actuators guarantees that a facility has taken measures to contain explosions and prevent damage to the surrounding area. The key to this protection is the safety of employees who are protected from serious injury and the need for medical treatment. A fundamental principle of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the efforts of employers to provide safe working conditions.

CR-TEC Explosion Proof and Engineering

CR-TEC provides a full range of explosion-proof actuators that have been certified for different classes, divisions, and organizations. CR-TEC works closely with our customers to choose the right valve and actuator for each application.

CR-TEC has provided support and assistance to the oil and gas industry, wastewater treatment plants, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  Our explosion-proof actuators are proven to be highly durable, dependable, and long-lasting and have set the standard for fluid handling and flow control in hazardous environments.

For more information, guidance, assistance, and questions, contact CR-TEC at 203-318-9500 or email

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