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From Small Sizes to Large Models Suitable for Larger Ball and Butterfly Valves

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    ER Series Electric Actuator


    ER Series
    Electric Actuator


    VR Series Electric Actuator with Ball Valve


    VR Series
    Electric Actuator
    with Ball Valve


    VS Series Electric Actuator with Ball Valve


    VS Series
    Electric Actuator
    with Ball Valve

    TYPES: Rotary Motion - ON/OFF or modulating position control.
  • VOLTAGES: Any DC or AC voltage, domestic or international.
  • SIZES: Output torques from 89 lb-in to 17,700 lb-in (10 Nm to 2000 Nm).
  • HOUSING MATERIALS: Sealed plastic or die cast aluminum.
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: Connect to valves with direct mounting in most cases.
  • RATINGS: NEMA 4 (IP65) or NEMA 7 (IP67). Explosion proof versions, UL and CSA approvals also available.
  • OPTIONS: Visual position indicators, manual override levers, internal heaters, position output signal, emergency battery backup.
  • EXPLOSION-PROOF ACTUATORS: With or without valves.
  • VALPES CONTROL SYSTEMS: Automated quarter turn valves.

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